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Our tree and shrub program is unique. Our treatments are tailored to the life cycles of insects and disease activity. With changing weather and other environmental conditions insects appear at different times each year. Our program allows us to treat the problems as they appear in your landscape to achieve the best possible results.



New Century Lawn Care

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New Century Fleet 2007...Better Equipment to Better Serve Our Customers

It is a natural step for us due to my past experience in turf management.

If you would be interested in receiving a no obligation,

a free inspection and estimate, please fill out a request form or click my office.

Let New Century give you a greener, healthier lawn. We will provide prompt, professional service to give you a lawn to be proud of. Our 5 application program uses a well balanced, slow released fertilizer at each visit.

(Spring) A slow release, dry, granular fertilizer plus crabgrass control.

(Late Spring) Slow release, dry, granular fertilizer and liquid broadleaf weed control.

(Summer) Slow release, dry, granular fertilizer with general insect control and liquid broadleaf weed control.
(Fall) Slow release, dry, granular fertilizer and selective weed controls.

(Late Fall) Winterize fertilizer to promote strong root development.

Our program is Guaranteed!

We will apply at "NO CHARGE" any extra applications of weed control,

insecticide or fertilizer that are needed throughout the growing season with our 5 application program.


Disease Control
Grub Control

These specialty applications are available upon request or

may be recommended if our technician feels necessary.

For those of you that wish more flexible control of your lawn,

we also offer a reduced 3 application program, single applications,

weed control only applications, and flea and tick lawn applications.

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